CINC 2005
7th International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Natural Computing
in conjunction with
8th Joint Conference on Information Sciences
(JCIS 2005)
July 21 - 26, 2005, Salt Lake City, Utah

Call for Papers

   The fields of computational intelligence and natural computing seek to apply approaches inspired by natural processes for the solution of problems that are resistant to traditional methods. The field has seen phenomenal growth recently, with the strong participation of researchers in mathematics, physics, computer science, linguistics, neuroscience, biology, psychology, cognitive science and various engineering disciplines. When disparate disciplines pursue similar research agendas, Often, too little cross fertilization of ideas occur. Thus, the 7 th International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Natural Computation, 2005 (CINC 2005) seeks to foster the interdisciplinary exchange of ideas leading to significant advances in this field. In conjunction with the parent conference, the 8 th Joint Conference on Information Sciences, 2005 (JCIS 2005), the conference provides a truly unique forum for presentation and collaboration across disciplines. The organizers seek high-quality original papers that contribute to this goal. All topics relating to computational intelligence and natural computation are welcome and new, unusual and hybrid approaches are particularly encouraged. Both theoretical (new algorithms, analyses, etc.) and applied (implementations, applications, etc.) papers are solicited. Areas from which papers are sought include but are not limited to:

1 Ant colony optimization

11 Computational genomics

21 Immunocomputing

2 Artificial immune systems

12 Complex systems

22 Intelligent agents

3 Artificial life

13 Connectionism

23 Machine learning

4 Associative memory

14 Cultural algorithms

24 Memetic algorithms

5 Biological computing

15 DNA computing

25 Molecular computers

6 Bioinformatics

16 Evolutionary programming

26 Neural networks

7 Cognitive science

17 Evolutionary strategies

27 Neuro-fuzzy systems

8 Complex systems

18 Evolvable hardware

28 Pattern recognition

9 Computer vision

19 Genetic algorithms

29 Probabilistic reasoning

10Computational biology

20 Genetic programming

30 Swarm intelligence

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